Bose Home Speaker 300: Good things come in small packages

Bose Home Speaker 300 is a brilliant expansion to your savvy home. It is minimal, it is sharp and it has a reasonable sound.


The Bose Home Speaker 300 costs Rs 26,900 in India.

The Bose Home Speaker 300 is accessible in India in Black and Silver shading variations.

The Bose Home Speaker 300 backings Apple AirPlay 2.

Bose propelled the Bose Home Speaker 300 in India prior this year for Rs 26,900 in Black and Silver shading variations. It includes a similar aluminum casing structure that is donned by its Home Speaker 500. Obviously it is minimal than its senior kin and comes up short on a LED showcase that shows subtleties like the time, name of the track and the artist, nonetheless, it sounds similarly as great. Just stated, Home Speaker 300 may be short and strong however it’s as they – don’t pass judgment on the speaker by its size as it delivers a sound that is in the same class as the Home Speaker 500, which in the event that you are not is “recognizable, finished and clear.”

Presently, structure and sound quality are incredible, yet cost is one thing that may drive a great deal audiophiles away. All things considered, 27K isn’t a simple entirety to pay, particularly when you can get the second era Amazon Echo Plus for Rs 14,999 or a fresh out of the box new Amazon Echo Studio for Rs 22,999 (on the off chance that you need to purchase something on the costly side). To compliment its up-to-date plan and extraordinary sound with another intriguing element, Home Speaker 300 accompanies worked in Alexa and Alexa and Google Assistant incorporation (did I reveal to you it’s a keen speaker?). This implies you can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to do your own tasks simply like you would tell an Amazon Echo brilliant speaker or a Google Home..oops..Nest savvy speaker.

Style? Check. Sound? Check. Savvy stuff? Check. Is everything impeccable in the event of Home Speaker 300? We will discover in the survey beneath.

Looks exquisite

In my past audits of Bose items I have more than once referenced how the organization is known for its sound quality. In any case, I have to revise that announcement now. So here it goes: Bose is an organization known for extraordinary sound quality and a dazzling structure. Every one of its items – regardless of whether it’s the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 or the Bose Sleepbuds – every one of its items look exquisite. The Bose Home Speaker 300 is no special case to this standard. It looks basically staggering!

Home Speaker 300 estimates 6×14.2 x 10.2 cm and it weighs 0.9 kg. On the other hand, Home Speaker 500 estimates 20.3 x 17×10.9 cm and it weighs 2.15 kg. Obviously that Home Speaker 300 is significantly more minimized than Home Speaker 500. Aside from evident decrease in size, Home Speaker 300 looks exactly…I mean exactly…like its more established kin in the event that you rebate the LED screen in the front. It accompanies an anodized aluminum case that highlights a curved structure.

On the front it has a smooth space which sparkles White as you cooperate with remote helper. On top it has a lot of controls that you can use to control the volume, play or respite the track, interface the speaker with your cell phone or workstation by means of Bluetooth, associate the speaker through AUX link, keep the brilliant speaker from tuning in on your discussions and obviously, conjuring the remote helper of your decision – Alexa or Google Assistant. It likewise has a lot of six preset catches – simply like Home Speaker 500 – that you can use to get tap access to your most loved and all the more usually utilized channels like Amazon Prime Music and Spotify.

At the back there is a port to interface the AUX link, beneath which there is another catch for associating the power link. One fascinating element that Home Speaker 300 has is the capacity to quiet the cautions by applauding on the head or should I say tapping on the highest point of the shrewd speaker. This is especially useful in the event that you are a sort of individual who has sets numerous alerts in the first part of the day – nearly a piece too soon – to wake up.

Sounds great yet Alexa needs assistance

Bose’s absolute first keen speaker creates an “adjusted sound yield”. And keeping in mind that surveying the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 I composed that it creates a “fresh, clear and adjusted” sound. The point here is to concentrate on the example. Bose items – speakers, shrewd speakers and earphones – center around clearness and produce a fair stable clear. The Bose Home Speaker 300 does the majority of that more. To break the anticipation, it offers an incredible bass impact also.

Bass impact delivered by the Home Speaker 300 is unmistakable to such an extent that you can feel the pounding of the music pervading all through the space where you have kept your futuristic shrewd speaker. This bass impact is improved by the nearness of speakers every which way. This empowers the Home Speaker 300 to extend sound every which way consistently, which thusly gives the clients a stereo-sound kind of an encounter. This is bolstered by the speaker’s noisy volume. The Bose Home Speaker 300 is boisterous. I mean extremely boisterous. It is sufficient to be the life of a gathering at your home. To give you some point of view, it is boisterous to such an extent that you can’t go past 50 percent volume in your room.

Over the span of my survey, I tuned in to an entire pack of melodies. I tuned in to David Guetta’s Titanium, Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi and Bryan Adam’s Summer of 69. For most parts the sound was balanced, that is the mids were clear and the lows were adjusted. Over all the sound was charming even at very high volume levels. Be that as it may, at 100 percent volume, these tracks passed up the lucidity a piece.

I additionally tuned in to Photograph by Ed Sheeran, Whiskey and You by Chris Stapleton and Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett and true to form I could plainly recognize each guitar strum, each piano note and each and every beat of drum. Tuning in to Sufi melodies like Arziyan by Javed Ali and Iktara by Amitabh Bhattacharya was a similarly pleasurable encounter even at very high volume levels.

One conceivable clarification for this separation could be issue with the tracks. The other could be that the Home Speaker 300 when all is said in done (or at an ideal sound level) is progressively perfect Acoustics, EDM, Country and Sufi music sorts.

Going to the shrewd highlights, you can interface the Home Speaker 300 with either Google Assistant or Alexa and they will play out the entirety of your normal errands like setting an alert, checking news refreshes, booking a taxi, setting updates and so on effortlessly. Also, on the off chance that you have Apple gadgets, you can associate your Bose keen speaker with them utilizing the Apple AirPlay 2. I combined the Bose Home Speaker 300 with Alexa and I saw the whole experience as somewhat rough. Alexa is responsive and she complies with every one of your directions yet it is anything but a smooth sail – for what it’s worth in the event of Echo keen speakers – constantly. For example in the event that you ask Alexa to set numerous alerts, she would do as such no matter what however once in a while she would be at lost words while affirming her activities. Likewise, once in a while it would be hard for me to get her to play a particular tune or modify the volume. Obviously that the speaker’s Alexa coordination needs some tweaking. Past that everything – the application, the presets and the associations – works effortlessly.

Would it be advisable for you to purchase Bose Home Speaker 300?

Indeed, if can manage the cost of it. Bose Home Speaker 300 is a brilliant expansion to your shrewd home. It is smaller, it is up-to-date and it has a fair stable. What’s more, extra characteristics like its uproar, its sound projection and AirPlay 2 help simply make it substantially more luring. Sure Alexa experience is somewhat uneven, however that is not something a product update can’t fix. Subjectively, it’s a decent purchase.

Going to the value, well that is an intense one. Home Speaker 300 expenses around 27K, which is about a large portion of the cost of 2G Echo Plus. You can even get Echo Show 2G – the goliath savvy speaker with a showcase at a cost not as much as that. For your reference it costs Rs 22,999. Be that as it may, it eventually comes down to a basic actuality – what precisely are you searching for. On the off chance that you are searching for a savvy show, at that point Echo Show merits considering however in the event that you are searching for shrewd speaker with extraordinary sound quality, at that point the Home Speaker 300 should on your rundown.

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