OnePlus TV Q1 Pro

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro ticks off practically all the privilege boxes with its fabulous screen, great sound quality and alluring plan. Be that as it may, in this audit of the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro we likewise find that the cost is a bit higher than what we anticipate from “leader executioner” and picture quality has its peculiarity.


The OnePlus TV Q1 Pro gets the rudiments right, including the nature of the 55-inch QLED screen.

Programming in the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro also is fine, and the so is the sound quality.

At the cost of Rs 99,900, the picture preparing that OnePlus TV Q1 Pro applies, could have been something more.

First of all: the screen nature of the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro is phenomenal. Disregard the tech, and there is part of tech in it. In any case, QLED, Gamma Color Magic, MEMC and De-Countour, one or the other are a piece of the showcasing talk. The main thing is the shading profundity of the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro screen, its difference, its brilliance when the window blinds and drapes in a room are open, how profound is the dark on it. Also, on every one of these checks, the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro conveys more than anticipated considering its cost of Rs 99,900. The nature of the screen is with the end goal that it unquestionably coordinates what the screens of a couple of other, increasingly costly, TVs appear.

The issue, in any case, is that to see this nature of the QLED screen that OnePlus is utilizing in the Q1 Pro you need to play truly elevated quality 4K content on it. And keeping in mind that playing that substance you need to mood killer a portion of the picture preparing that the OnePlus TV is doing, similar to movement control. This is an issue since great substance is regularly not accessible. The substance is in HD or FullHD, and even with spilling sites, in any event, when the substance is there in top notch 4K goals, you need an extremely quick web – think 1gbps – to stream. The outcome is that more often than not you will wind up utilizing content that isn’t 4K on the Q1 Pro TV, and that is the point at which you understand that it isn’t tantamount to a portion of different TVs in the market.

The explanation is that that to OnePlus TV Q1 Pro up-scales the HD and FullHD content – all 4K premium TVs do – however it isn’t so extraordinary at this particular employment. It’s progressively a matter of tuning the picture preparing as opposed to the nature of QLED board. However, in this up-scaled substance that hues can appear to be somewhat off and subtleties can be soft contrasted with what a portion of the top of the line TVs from LG, Samsung or Sony can appear.

Alright, a great TV is something beyond its picture quality. Be that as it may, before I move onto different bits, let me underscore once more: When you feed the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro amazingly very good quality video, such a 4K video constrained on YouTube, or a 4K video with bit-rate so high that the whole motion picture sums around 50GB, the hues, the subtleties and the sort of HDR that you see on the Q1 Pro is hypnotizing.

Presently, let me start with the structure of the OnePlus TV.

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro structure: Mixed sack

Without totally reconsidering the gadget, which nobody is accomplishing until further notice, there isn’t a lot of you can do with the structure of a TV. However, OnePlus, given its accomplishment in making appealing but then moderate premium telephones, has courageously had a go at giving some special contacts to the OnePlus TV. What’s more, the vast majority of these contacts are decent to see.

This is a genuinely dainty, despite the fact that not ultra slim like some different TVs we have seen, TV. The bezels around the screen are incredibly thin, and the metal edge is very much constructed. The back board is made of plastic, and though it has the particular carbon fiber design – something we have frequently observed on the OnePlus telephone cases – it isn’t in any critical manner extraordinary.

Same is the situation with the stand, which is appealing however as I would see it will draw blended responses. A few people will love its structure propelled by Doric Column, which is that Greek style column we have all observed utilized in old Greek sanctuaries. Be that as it may, a few people will think that its obsolete and will wish that it was present day, most likely moderate. The OnePlus TV can be divider mounted, or you can keep it on the table utilizing the stand that OnePlus packages in a different box alongside TV. This stand is made of metal and glass.

What I discover uncommon however are the magnets that OnePlus is utilizing on the spreads over the ports. Because of magnets, these spreads snap shut when you place them. It’s little however decent touch to the general structure.

The OnePlus TV Q1 Pro accompanies an incorporated soundbar. This is a soundbar with 8 speakers – 6 on the front, 2 on the back – and the manner in which OnePlus coordinates it in the Q1 Pro is by setting it behind the screen. Be that as it may, when you turn on the TV, the soundbar slides out – and flashes a couple of LED lights to make a routine of the entire procedure – and locales under the screen. At the point when you switch off the TV or put it in the rest mode, the soundbar withdraws. I feel this is an exquisite method to incorporate the soundbar, and I presume we may see other TV organizations utilizing a comparative component in future allowed mechanical the entire slide-in-slide-out system is tough enough. We will know in future.

No issues up until now, however the motivation behind why I composed diverse assortment for the structure of the OnePlus Q1 Pro TV, is on the grounds that I feel there are two or three issues that ought not have been there. The USB-C charging port for the remote is over the screen. While you will presumably charging the remote once every month, which is in the event that you stare at the TV a ton, I feel the charging port ought to have been beneath the screen. Two, the USB ports through which you can associate an outside hard drive or a pen drive are set alongside different ports behind the screen. While this position is fine for power link or for HDMI ports through which you can associate your gaming console and afterward left it there, I feel the USB ports could be on the external edge of the TV, so they can be connected and stopped out at comfort.

In any case, a far greater issue than these minor niggles is the stand. The oval stand, made of metal and given chrome finish, doesn’t bolster the TV such well. This is an enormous TV, and substantial, and with a stand that has an oval base and that interfaces with the through two joints on its back, it isn’t that safe when kept on a table. On the off chance that you keep it on the table and, at that point place a hand on the TV, it wobbles. In a perfect world, this is a TV you should mount on the divider.

Diverse assortment, right! I like the way that OnePlus has attempted to accomplish something else here with the structure, however I additionally observe that a portion of the plan viewpoints could have been something more.

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro remote

A brisk take a gander at OnePlus TV remote before I return to the TV. This is a moderate remote made of brushed aluminum. It’s smooth, and I think that its practical. It’s unpredictable in the manner that it doesn’t have an excessive number of catches, and that its volume catches are on its correct side, like how cell phones have them. In the event that you are utilized to standard TV remotes, you will think that its clumsy to utilize. On the off chance that you are not, you are consummately fine.

I am not an enthusiast of huge and complex plastic remotes that are brimming with ten gazillion catches, which may bode well on imbecilic TVs however don’t on keen TVs where you can voice search. In my utilization, I found the OnePlus remote more than sufficient, including for modifying the volume.

Aside from remote, there is another approach to control the OnePlus TV and that is the OnePlus Connect application accessible for Android telephones. When you have introduced the application and combined it with the OnePlus TV, you can utilize the telephone as a remote. Of specific note here is the capacity to switch between applications on the TV through the telephone and play recordings and photographs from the telephone utilizing the application, this is something that should likewise be possible through Chromecast, which is inbuilt in the OnePlus TV.

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro execution, picture quality, sound

I have just discussed the image quality in detail, so here I am going to discuss some operational subtleties. Commonplace stuff really. As noted before, there is a great deal of tech stuffed inside the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro screen. Its size is 55 inches. It bolsters ultra HD goals. It is Dolby Vision guaranteed. It has VA board, so hues, difference and brilliance – even in a room brimming with sunlight – are noteworthy. Survey points and dark levels are not comparable to what OLED boards can appear yet for QLED board, they excessively are noteworthy. This is a great screen on the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro.

In any case, to appreciate this excellent screen, you need truly elevated quality substance. Furthermore, this kind of substance, neither one of the is had quite a bit of it with me while auditing the TV, nor individuals generally have. With 1080P recordings, spilled through Amazon Prime or YouTube, I discover the picture quality good yet not outstanding. Indeed, in these recordings I didn’t especially like the picture handling that OnePlus TV offers, to such an extent that I killed all the video choices – like Ultra Smooth Motion – that made recordings look excessively smooth, without subtleties.

By and large, I feel the picture nature of the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro is something that you will appreciate with top notch recordings, and with normal substance, while it will leave you fulfilled, it won’t wow you.

Same I feel is the situation with the presentation of that sound bar, which with its 8 speakers offers 50W sound yield and 2.1 channel encompass sound. When playing excellent sound, and especially with music playback, I adored the sort of sound the Q1 Pro can deliver. In any case, I likewise find that its low-end is slightly below average, it’s bass isn’t as amazing as what some outside soundbars can oversee and its proliferation low-recurrence sounds especially in discoursed, and if the bit paces of the source video are, poor can be sloppy. There are a few modes here accessible to client, including encompass sound (incredible for music playback), clearness, standard and so forth yet the thing that matters is unpretentious.

With regards to programming and execution, in my about a one-week long utilization of the Q1 master I didn’t discover anything not right. With the exception of Netflix, yet about that in some time. The OnePlus Q1 Pro TV keeps running on Android TV OS. The present variant is 9 and OnePlus is promising 3 years of updates. In contrast to some different TVs, the Android TV interface here is perfect and generally unmodified. The enormous expansion is Oxygen Play, a substance center point where you can see all that exceptional substance that is accessible from OnePlus accomplices like Zee5, Hotstar and Hungama. Amazon Prime is additionally there as is YouTube. You can likewise download applications from Play Store.

I combined the TV with a 100mbps association utilizing Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz. The exhibition of the TV is quick whether you are changing to another application, going into the setting and changing picture quality or playing a game on it.

I additionally discover the product and interface simple to utilize. As I noted before, I am not used to huge, button-filled remotes, and I found the OnePlus TV remote satisfactory enough. Despite the fact that for the most part to search for substance, I utilized the voice search utilizing Google Assistant. In a smallish room, with I am lounging around 6 feet from TV, it didn’t have a lot of issues grabbing my voice directions.

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro worth Rs 99,900?

I feel the Q1 Pro is marginally overrated for my taste. While the image quality is incredible, as is the sound, the shaky structure, and not exactly flawless picture handling for substance that is in HD or FullHD denies it of significant worth. Having said that, on the off chance that you are going to utilize your TV more as a keen gadget – state to stream excellent recordings, or will associate it with a media server where you have huge amounts of value 4K substance, or a large number of tunes in high caliber, or in the event that you are going to play a ton of computer games on through a reassure, the sort of picture and sound quality that this TV offers makes it worth its cost.

Everything relies upon how you expect to utilize the OnePlus Q1 Pro. As an ordinary TV it is excessively expensive. As a normal TV I accept that the OnePlus TV Q1, which has a similar screen however matched with a customary 4-speaker sound framework, is a vastly improved alternative due to its cost of Rs 69,900.

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