Innr smart lights : these affordable Philips Hue alternatives

Innr offers a wide scope of bulbs yet doesn’t carry anything new to savvy lights

Motivations TO BUY


Work with a few scaffolds


Wide determination of bulbs


Easy to utilize and work

Motivations TO AVOID

Arrangement can be fiddly

Applications are fundamental

Can’t work without a scaffold

Into a previously packed shrewd lighting commercial center comes Innr, offering a scope of bulbs and lighting arrangements at sensible costs. You don’t get an especially imaginative highlights with Innr, however they all tick the containers for shrewd bulb rudiments, and it is one of the greater keen lighting ranges out there.

Other than the lights themselves, Innr offers a free LightAdvisor apparatus, which can assist you with working out which of the different Innr items are best for your different rooms. The organization doesn’t make any independent lights, however it does bulbs and trips, and even LED lights for putting under your tables.

We’ve been trying out an assortment of the Innr shrewd bulbs in the course of the most recent couple of days and you can peruse our contemplations underneath – while they probably won’t topple Philips Hue or Lifx as the absolute best choices with regards to keen bulbs, they’re worth considering for any individual who needs to unit out their home with savvy lighting.

To begin, you need an Innr Bridge associated with your switch (these bulbs don’t interface directly to your switch like, say, Lifx bulbs). It is conceivable to utilize outsider centers if necessary – more on this beneath – yet you need a center of some portrayal set up first before the bulbs can be arranged.

Structure AND SETUP

There are just such huge numbers of approaches to structure a light, and Innr bulbs don’t appear to be considerably unique to any others available right now: at the end of the day, these are your standard bulbs, plan astute. The Innr Bridge isn’t a lot to keep in touch with home about either – it’s only a standard white plastic box.

What is great is exactly what number of various sorts of bulb and lighting apparatus Innr makes: spot lights, standard bulbs, fiber bulbs, flame bulbs, LED lights and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, both shaded and white. There are no blade fittings however, you’ve quite recently got the E14 screw, E27 screw, and GU10 spots to browse, in addition to custom spotlights that fit on a rack.

First you connect the scaffold to your switch, and afterward you include the bulbs individually, which wound up being somewhat of a fiddly procedure. One bulb required a few goes to be found through the Android application, while we couldn’t move beyond the room arrangement screen on iOS for reasons unknown.

In any case, Innr bulbs likewise work with spans from Philips Hue and Samsung SmartThings, so that may be a superior method to utilize them. On the off chance that the bulbs are associated with an extension (Innr or else), they can likewise be constrained by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant as an option in contrast to the Innr application.

Highlights AND APP

Talking about the Innr application, it’s not the most cleaned we’ve gone over in our long periods of testing brilliant bulbs. It does what’s required, yet not in an especially instinctive or well-structured way. Likewise with the extension, you may be better utilizing what Philips Hue or Samsung offers for really controlling these lights.

Just as changing the shading and the splendor of the bulbs, and having the option to turn them on and off, you can likewise utilize the application to set up some fundamental timetables (on or off at a specific time, for example). Gathering different bulbs in a room is clear as well, in the event that you have to do that.

The lights reacted to the application rapidly, so you’ll before long be lighting up or obscuring rooms like a specialist with the Innr bulbs and application to hand. You don’t get an incredible same number of cutting edge includes as you do with different frameworks however – there’s no choice to consequently turn the lights off when you go out, for instance.

Innr offers a devoted remote control, on the off chance that you would prefer not to need to go after your telephone each time you have to change the lighting. Be that as it may, you don’t get any sort of movement sensor here – you’ll have to add your Innr bulbs to a different framework to make them switch on as you go into a room.


We had a couple of issues getting the Innr savvy bulbs set up around our home, and the application could utilize a touch of spit and clean, yet with regards deeply usefulness of what you need shrewd lights to accomplish for you, the Innr extend fills in as publicized – and it’s a significant range.

Specifically, Innr spots lights on a track, on the off chance that you need them, which you’ll battle to discover from numerous other savvy light suppliers right now.

Maybe the most ideal approach to utilize the Innr extend is as modest additional items for a current framework run from a Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings center point. That appears to be a superior wagered than placing every one of your eggs in the Innr bin. You could likewise utilize Alexa or Google Assistant to control bulbs from various producers together.

In a packed market, Innr doesn’t generally do what’s necessary to stick out: its bulbs are aggressively evaluated, and there’s a ton of them, yet as far as arrangement, programming and highlights, we think there are better alternatives out there. In any case, Innr merits considering for your brilliant bulb needs.

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