Kärcher KHB 5 Multi Jet: the cordless pressure washer

Motivations TO BUY


Can go anyplace your hose can reach


Battery life is sufficient


Numerous shower alternatives

Motivations TO AVOID

Less ergonomic than standard Kärcher splash firearm

Less amazing than a wired weight washer

Kärcher is basically synonymous with pressure washers now, so intensely has it ruled the market. Be that as it may, its past models all required a power link just as a hose association, which includes a degree of problem in the event that you have a major nursery, or badly arranged attachment attachments.

The KHB 5 swaps that power link for a removable battery, and absolutely disposes of the enormous separate siphon area, pressing everything into a solitary ‘firearm’ unit.

It’s greater and heavier than the sprayer you jump on a wired Kärcher, since it presently incorporates the siphon and battery, however it makes the KHB 5 somewhat simpler to store in a space-starved house.

It propelled with a suggested cost of £249, however it would already be able to be found for under £200, which sets it facing the better quality wired models as far as cost.


We should get the less uplifting news off the beaten path first: this basically isn’t as incredible as a customary wired Kärcher. It is anything but an unexpected given the littler measure of room, however the reality remains.

I tried it against a somewhat more established model of the Kärcher K2 (the passage level model, which goes for under £100) to clean a winter of gunk off my porch, and the lower control level implied that it was more earnestly work and more slow to utilize, while still not figuring out how to impact as much off the stone.

despite everything it has a tremendous effect and gets a ton of the gunk off, yet it was unmistakably not exactly clean contrasted with what the wired one accomplished – and, as we state, the wired one did it quicker and all the more serenely.

Kärcher doesn’t generally expect it for this sort of utilization – the utilization models given on Kärcher’s site incorporate cleaning garden furniture, bicycles and vehicles – with the goal that’s reasonable enough. We won’t hold it against the KHB 5… yet it means that on the off chance that you have to do genuine divider and floor cleaning, this can’t supplant the acquisition of a wired washer, so things could get costly.

In any case, for those other cleaning undertakings, it nails what it’s going for, which is accommodation. Bicycle somewhat messy? Simply stick it in the nursery, snatch the KHB 5, pop the hose on and shower, at that point push it back in the shed. Simple.

Need to give the furnishings and grill a fast spotless before companions come round? Snatch it, and meander around the nursery (to the extent your hose comes to) without tinkering with expansion links or tangling the power line in plants.

The power level is consummately useful for getting street earth off your bicycle or vehicle, or gunk off the outside of plant pots.

It accompanies two spout connections – one is a general earth blaster, while different has five unique settings (diverse shower sizes or qualities, including a rinser choice that is perfect for vehicle washing), and you simply turn the conclusion to switch between them.


One of different things that makes the KHB 5 less appropriate than a wired model for enormous cleaning employments, for example, a porch or fence is the weight. It’s a little over 3kg, which is certifiably not a modest quantity of weight to hold in an all-encompassing arm for any timeframe.

Once more, this is no issue at all for the employments it’s expected for – showering your bicycle over for two or three minutes, or strolling around your nursery furniture splashing endlessly flying creature droppings when required – however a normal Kärcher in evidently increasingly ergonomic for 60 minutes in length task.

The gave battery is appraised to most recent 10 minutes, which squares with our experience. This seems like nothing, however is flawlessly fine for those little cleaning employments around the house. You don’t generally invest a lot of energy constantly showering – a strong clean of a bicycle will incorporate a moment of splashing at the most extreme, for the most part.

We utilized the KHB 5 on various occasions throughout seven days, preparing for the great climate, and just expected to charge it toward the finish of all that (and it hadn’t really arrived at void yet in any case).

The battery openings onto the base, and has a little show with the present charge level. There’s a different energizing support for squeezing the power pack, and you could purchase an additional unit for swapping in for longer occupations if necessary.

The KHB 5 is really useful for commotion levels – no weight washer is tranquil, however it doesn’t make so a lot of racket as our more seasoned K2.

It additionally downplays its vibrations stunningly – you won’t feel like your bones are as yet shaking in your arms a short time later. It’s splendidly agreeable.


We can prescribe the KHB 5, if you know precisely what its restrictions are.

Going convenient implies you don’t get a similar crude cleaning power for harder stuff, yet gives you an adaptability and comfort for littler occupations that is truly pleasant to have.

Having the option to simply meander around your property until you hit as far as possible, without stressing over link length, can be amazingly helpful, and it implied we were bound to snatch it for a snappy cleaning employment to remain in control.

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