Asus ROG Mothership review

The ROG Mothership attempts to rethink what a gaming workstation could be. Be that as it may, bringing the processing intensity of a work area to a PC’s body makes a major trade off with common sense.


The Asus ROG Mothership is a mix of a PC and work area structure.

The ROG Mothership runs a work area class Nvidia RTX 2080 illustrations card.

The ROG Mothership isn’t selling economically in India.

the ROG Mothership – a machine that depicts a marriage between a workstation and work area. Asus says that a ROG Mothership could cost you nearly Rs 4.85 lakhs. Furthermore, for that measure of cash, the ROG Mothership is an intriguing PC that sees a few highlights you could see idealized in the ROG PCs of the years to come. Asus says it attempts to utilize the work area’s structure factor to improve execution in a machine that in fact qualifies as a PC.

Those are bunches of intriguing things to guarantee and with the outsider spaceship-propelled looks, the ROG Mothership got me intrigued too. Subsequently, I chose to evaluate this idea gadget for half a month to see whether the Mothership sees a feasible future for the gaming PC.


Asus is unyielding about considering the ROG Mothership an adaptable work area substitution, particularly with the measured structure. Also, from the start, it unquestionably gives the idea that way. The ROG Mothership is not normal for whatever other PC that I have ever observed. At the point when put on the work area upstanding with its kickstand out, it feels like an All-In-One work area PC.

The structure of the ROG Mothership won’t win any excellence events however it is without a doubt the coolest looking gaming workstation I have found in my life. The highest point of the workstation has an exemplary ROG brushed aluminum finish with a lit up ROG logo on the top. The speaker grille looks like warmth vents yet with the copper lining inside, it confers a feeling of class to the ROG Mothership. At the back, there’s a forceful board with vents looking like shakes on the coastline. The kickstand, likewise conveying a ROG logo, consequently kicks out while setting on the work area.

Since the PC segments are stuck behind the showcase, it’s peculiar to see the warmth vents fixed with copper highlights over the presentation. Subsequently, to the side of the presentation, you will discover a power button, a SD card peruser, 1 USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 port, 1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C with DisplayPort 1.4, 3 USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A ports, 1 USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A/USB charger port, a HDMI 2.0 port, a 3.5mm earphone and mouthpiece combo jack, another 3.5mm amplifier jack and a RJ-45 jack. To put it plainly, it has all that you need from a gaming PC. Asus being Asus, the ROG skunkworks are exceptionally specific with itemizing and they carry show to the workstation with the little ‘ROG Mothership 192’ marking.

Nonetheless, what crested my testosterone levels was the point at which I turned on the ROG Mothership. The illuminated ROG logo is normal yet the speaker vent sparkles in RGB hues and when it sparkles on the copper trim, it’s straightforward I am out of words. You need to see the Mothership face to face to get what I need to see. Allows simply state that it will draw out the 5-year old in you each time you boot it up.

Open the cover and it’s a bit of astonishing to see the console descending rather than the showcase. The console top is separable and gratitude to the secluded structure, you can overlay it into an ordinary size remote console. The console’s battery can be charged either by interfacing it with a USB-C to USB-A link or by basically docking it to the framework utilizing the attractive pogo pins. The console position is like the one from the ROG Zephyrus S, with the console sitting descending leaving a dark space on top that does nothing on the Mothership. There’s a little trackpad that bends over as the touch-based Numpad. What’s more, just to flavor up the inside, the clear space conveys a brushed metallic completion with a ROG logo carved into it with copper lining. The showcase has think bezels to the sides however Asus utilizes it by embeddings an IR camera framework for opening the machine.

All in all, I can say that the Asus ROG Mothership looks energizing even before you boot up the framework. Be that as it may, are energizing looks sufficient to carry this structure to the majority?

While the secluded plan with the metal body feels lavish, it is unfeasible as a PC. It weighs 4.8Kgs and that is not light by any standard. Consequently, it is difficult to bear it in your knapsack, particularly with the huge 17-inch show size. And keeping in mind that setting it up on the work area, it’s anything but difficult to hammer it on the work area as the kickstand doesn’t fly out consistently. Moreover, the particular console disengages effectively, which implies you must be incredibly cautious when you are setting it up. What’s more, do take note of that the two 280 Watt control connectors are huge, occupying a ton of room. Notwithstanding, I found that the ROG Mothership can just sudden spike in demand for a solitary power connector more often than not even while gaming and that spares you from thinking about the other overwhelming workstation.

This is still at an idea gadget it beginning periods and henceforth, I can give it the advantage of the main gen item. Furthermore, as a first-gen item, the ROG Mothership is immaculately fabricated and it will without a doubt gain you the notoriety in your gaming network.


With a structure obtained from All-In-One work areas, the ROG Mothership can inhale more effectively than some other workstation. What’s more, that implies Asus can go over the edge with the details. The ROG Mothership houses a deadly blend of a ninth Gen Intel Core i9-9980HK processor alongside a work area class Nvidia RTX 2080 illustrations card with an overboost of up to 1880MHz and 8GB GDDR6 VRAM. My unit came furnished with 64GB DDR4 double channel SDRAM and a mix of three 512GB PCIE 3.0 SSD stockpiling, in this way totalling up to 1.5TB. For the presentation, my unit accompanied a 17-inch Full HD IPS LCD screen with a revive pace of 144Hz and backing for Nvidia G-Sync.

This is perhaps the best equipment you can discover right now on a gaming PC and true to form, the ROG Mothership saves no stone unturned to offer the best visual experience. My preferred title from 2019 – F1 2019, ran at the ultra illustrations settings with outline rates as much as 100 fps. Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC was additionally rendered at the most noteworthy illustrations settings with normal rates as much as 60-70 fps – mind you, this is an exceptionally requesting game on the PC stage at this moment. I additionally played Control with beam following empowered on the framework and the game ran easily with outline rates over 70 fps reliably. I figure you can toss any game at it and the Mothership will joyfully bite through it and let it out with maniac degrees of execution.

It’s while playing these games that you will see the ROG Mothership’s cooling framework carrying out its responsibility well indeed. The fans kick in to disseminate warmth and it could be boisterous sooner or later. Be that as it may, the cooling framework doesn’t give execution a chance to hamper in any capacity.

While the crude execution on the ROG Mothership is incredible, the showcase leaves a little to want. 17-inch show is large yet the hues aren’t as brilliant and energetic as they ought to be on a workstation of this class. The 144Hz revive rate is smooth yet I found the showcase did not have the splendor levels and the dynamic range that Asus prides itself with other ROG PCs. In games like Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s practically hard to see while playing around evening time conditions.

The Mothership is doubtlessly a gaming workstation and consequently, I didn’t give composing records a shot it or doing some other ordinary PC stuff. Nonetheless, the Mothership still qualifies as a PC and it accompanies a battery worked in that can give you a reinforcement of close 3.5 hours at max while perusing the web or sneaking around Windows organizers. Do take note of that you need to assault a different mouse or a controller to get the best understanding.

The in-manufactured speakers are shockingly useful for a PC with substantial sound execution severing great bass levels, fresh highs and clear vocals. With the console docked, the sound will in general get marginally muted however undock the console and the sound execution improves.


No one knows the future yet on the off chance that Asus can refine this idea, the ROG Mothership is without a doubt a review of an energizing future for PC gamers. With the ROG Mothership, the gaming workstation as an idea at long last gets the opportunity to inhale effectively and offer more execution that may approach some gaming work areas. Most likely, there are huge chinks in the ROG Mothership’s covering and Asus needs to refine them definitely. For instance, the 4.8Kg weight places the Mothership in the great work area classification and the secluded style console board should be firmer and simple to append. What’s more, Asus can clearly make a superior showing with the showcase.

Be that as it may, the ROG Mothership is certainly not a business gaming PC. Actually no, not in the least. From my perspective, the ROG Mothership is a proof of idea for what workstations can be if execution is of prime concern. The straightforward thought of mounting the workstation internals on the back of the showcase could make PCs utilize a similar work area equipment and not settle on preparing power. It’s substantial yet contrasted with any semblance of the Alienware Area 51-m, it’s less massive and you can move it around. Furthermore, this is an original item, which secures my eyebrows a raised position.

It’s dismal that Asus isn’t selling it financially in India yet I am glad to see that the greater part of the innovation on the Mothership could make it to customary ROG workstations in the coming years. What’s more, that for me as an excited gamer is an incredible bit of news. Please Asus, carry this workstation to a greater amount of your ROG arrangement PCs for us control hungry gamers.

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